You might think we’re 2 Marketing Gurus or have 2 Much Genius, you’re not wrong. But that’s not what 2MG is. We have over 50 combined years experience in managing retail, service, food, and digital businesses and products. We don’t care if you’re B2C or B2B, SaaS or JIT, EBITDA or ROI, we speak your language and focus on improving your business today, next month, next year. Our mission is simple: Put numbers, names, and neighbors behind every decision. That’s our way of saying we should rely on qualitative data, consider the people behind and ahead of what we’re doing, and consider the impact and consequence of every step we take. Using both mind and heart is the secret to our success. For decades that’s how we’ve helped businesses 2 Make Gains and 2 Meet Goals. The best leaders we know are rational and transparent, and we like 2 Mirror Greatness. We think it’s an awesome way 2 Make Green. Give us a call at 781-201-1381 or email alex@helpme2mg.com and we’ll help you with whatever you need.